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Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening 

We offer in-house and at-home cosmetic teeth whitening. In-house whitening takes approximately 45 minutes and can achieve a 0-6 shade in whitening difference. At-home whitening is done in the privacy of home and offers 0-9 shades in whitening.

We recommend three whitening trays to begin with, at a price of $179. You can have up to four trays done in one visit, at a price of $229. Along with the treatment of trays you will also receive a to-go pen issued by Whiter Image™ for upkeep at home. Detailed instructions will be given upon appointment.

Each home kit includes three full whitening syringes and fitted leave-in whitening trays for $60. You may also purchase a touch-up pen for $27 or the touch-up pen with a built-in lip plumper for $30. 

Contact is for cosmetic teeth whitening near Springfield, in Ludlow, MA.