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Invigorating Facial Treatments in Ludlow, Massachusetts

Come to Rebecca Stone Aesthetics in Ludlow, Massachusetts, for facial treatments that will make your mirror your new best friend! We use two product lines to cover all skin types, Ling™ and GlyMed™. The Ling line is an excellent choice for sensitive and basic skin types, helping with moisture and aging needs. GlyMed is a stronger, more aggressive line catering to advanced acne stages and age resistance.

Basic Facial - $75

This is the beginning basis for all other facials. You enjoy all the benefits in a basic facial and can add or mix and match for personalized results. First, we analyze your skin type. We use cleansers tones, hand moistorisers for your individual skin type. High Frequency, steam, exfoliants help to heal, tone and rid the skin of impurities. We finish using jade rollers to massage your tone your skin. This involves massaging your face, shoulders, arms, head, and hands.

Teen Facial - $60

In this shorter version of a basic facial, teens are instructed on how to keep their skin clean and hydrated. Please come with any questions you want answered.

Basic Facial

Man Getting a Facial

Xpress "Glow" Facial - $50

Together we will decide your needs and fit them into a mini basic facial. This is perfect for people on the go, only 30 minutes out of your time.

Premium Facials - $75 to $125

Prices for all facials other than Basic, Teen, and Express "Glow" vary depending on masks, serums, and exfoliates used. Prices range from $75 to $125, and you can add a hand or foot exfoliate for just $10.

Hydra Boost Facial - A Super Nourishing Solution for Ultimate Hydration and Healthy Glow.

Age Resistance Facial - A Freezing and De-creasing Serum That Penetrates into Skin to Inhibit Deep Facial Movements Causing a Firmer, Tighter Skin Tone.

Oxygen Rejuvenating Facial - Promotes Cell Turnover and Rejuvenates Dull Skin.

Vitamin K Anti-Redness Facial - Decreases Blotchiness, Minimizes Sensitivity, Alleviates Rosacea, and Helps Strengthen Broken Capillaries.

Anti-Acne Facial - Fight Acne Causing Bacteria with Powerful Glycolic and Salicylic Acid Washes and Hydrators.

Ginseng Herbal Facial - Purifying Mask That Is Blended to Give Great Therapeutic Benefits.

Chocolate Facial - High in anti-oxidants. this chocolate mask is infused with acia berries and resveratrol.

Contact us today and schedule an appointment for a revitalizing facial.